John White Now Chairs Jeb Bush’s Seriously-dwindling “Chiefs for Change”

MORE #CharterChicanery

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Louisiana Superintendent John White has just been made chair of Jeb Bush’s privatizing-reform superintendent’s club, Chiefs for Change.

Now, that reads really fancy, until one notices that Jeb’s little club is, well, little.

As of March 10, 2015, it boasts only four members, down from 13 in October 2014.


Reminds me of dwindling PARCC— also once connected to Jeb Bush via his headquarter turf, the State of Florida.

But back to “failing” Chiefs for Change:

So, White is “leading” three other “chiefs”: Rhode Island’s Deborah Gist; Delaware’s Mark Murphy, and New Mexico’s Hannah Skandera.

It’s not just the few that is unimpressive here. It’s the who.

Let’s start with Gist:

Deborah Gist is on her way out as RI state super and will land in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where her new appointment sparked a teacher protest. Even though Arne Duncan put his federal nose in RI business by trying to…

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