Devil is in the Details: Teacher Tells Us What’s Up With Local Accountability

Great recommendations for school accountability.

Cloaking Inequity

The current form of Texas-style No Child Left Behind high-stakes testing and accountability has run its course. It is very clear that after 20 years in Texas and 10 years across the nation, the sanctions and rewards (the rewards disappeared a long time ago) system never produced an education miracle in Texas (as posited by President Bush and Secretary Paige) and did not result in all students across the US being proficient by 2014.

In 2012, I first proposed a new bottom-up form of accountability in the post Accountability: Are you ready for a new idea? I have written extensively about this new form of locally-controlled accountability that I have called Community-Based Accountability here. Or see the post A Refresher: What is Community-Based Accountability?

Here are Community-Based Accountability Executive Summary and Key Features. Please forward and circulate widely.

As discussed previously here on Cloaking Inequity, California has implemented Community-Based Accountability…

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