High Student Mobility, Exacerbated by School Choice, Overwhelms Neighborhood Schools



It is easy to lose sight of what matters in the huge debate about how to support students who are not succeeding at school.

We blame the so called “failing” schools identified by the No Child Left Behind Act, and we blame the schools our states have taken to ranking “F” according to the plan promoted by Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education, and we blame the teachers we now evaluate by their students’ standardized test scores.  Sometimes we even fire teachers en masse as part of the school “turnaround” plans prescribed by the federal government for schools whose overall test scores are in the bottom 5 percent nationally.

But only rarely do we look at deeper, hidden factors that are harder to document and far harder to do something about.  In a recent piece in the Washington Post, Michael Alison Chandler documents and examines the impact on children…

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