Who Wrote the New CREDO Study? And What Do They Really Want?

The Hoover institution is also housed at Stanford. In “Waiting for Superman,” the film cites Eric E. Hanushek – of value added measure fame – as being a professor at Stanford, without mentioning his ties to the Hoover Institution. Stanford seems to have strong libertarian think tanks connected with the school, and CREDO is the educational arm. Even the acronym is hilarious. They seem to be saying “Please accept our findings on faith.”


(thanks to Ken Derstine for alerting me to this study via Bloggers Network)

My, my… the charter spin doctors are working overtime. It was CREDO who in 2008 provided a study that is widely cited because it documented that, “Thirty‐seven percent of the charters in this study produce learning gains that are significantly worse than what equivalent.”

I guess they needed to produce a counter-narrative to cover their tracks?

But who does the research for this new CREDO study? Perchance do they have ulterior motives for promoting a pro charter study?

Let’s start with the funders. Walton is a familiar name to us all by now. CREDO receives funding from the Walton Family Foundation.

Ravitch also covers the inside workings of CREDO in this report, as does Crazy Crawfish.

And Who Does CREDO Employ?

Margaret Macke Raymond is the Director or CREDO. She is also a fellow at Hoover Institute. According to…

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