4 City of Milwaukee Charters Reviewed, Getting Failing Grades

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Milwaukee’s Charter Schools Don’t Make the Grade

By Lisa Kaiser Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015 Sheppard Express
If Republican lawmakers think that charter schools are an effective vehicle to increase student performance while providing public transparency, they should take another look at the city of Milwaukee’s experience with its 10 charter schools.

Four of these taxpayer-funded schools are doing so poorly that, according to their annual review, a case could be made for shuttering them.
And major pieces of information haven’t been offered to the Common Council members who are ultimately responsible for the 3,500 students who attend city charters—including the fact that the FBI raided the national operator of one local charter school.

Yet last Thursday, in a Steering and Rules Committee meeting, the Charter School Review Committee (CSRC)—an appointed body made up primarily of charter advocates who provide oversight of and evaluate the city’s charter schools—only recommended putting two…

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Broad Foundation Suspends Broad Prize… Due to Lack of Progress in Urban Education

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After 13 years, the Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation has announced that it is suspending the $1 million Broad Prize for Urban Education that has been awarded annually to the urban school district which the Broad Foundation deemed was improving academic achievement and at the same time “narrowing gaps among low-income students and students of color.”  The Broad Foundation says it is “pausing” the award until it can be updated “to better reflect and recognize the changing landscape of K-12 public education.”

A primary problem is that there has been no real change at all in the landscape of student achievement in America’s big city public schools. The wave of test-based-accountability in the 13 years since passage of the No Child Left Behind Act hasn’t altered the landscape.  That’s the real reason why the Broad Foundation is suspending its prize.

Writing for Education Week‘s “District Dossier” column, Denisa Superville…

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When Will We Finally Say Enough? Seriously.

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The first time I met Ben (when I drove an hour up to Frederick the day his mother Cindy spoke in front of the local politicians about her testing refusal) I was immediately brought back to my teaching roots. Back in 1990 (a time when phones were attached to walls and we walked to school up hill in the snow…both ways) I was a special education teacher. For many years I worked in early childhood and elementary education classrooms with children with moderate to severe multiple special needs.

Spending time with Ben (albeit briefly) I was reminded of Bubba who loved to paint when we attached a paintbrush to his shoes and he’d make the most amazing murals. I was reminded of Antoine who adored rhythm and colorful patterns. He was a heck of a drummer. I remembered Monica who loved her apple sauce more than anything. I was reminded…

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