House Ed Approves Student Success Act to Replace NCLB

Still waiting for one or the other to dump privatization and denounce the standardized test score as The Evidence of educational value. #EdBlogNet

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In July 2013, the House passed Representative John Kline’s (R-MN) Student Success Act, known as a “No Child Left Behind rollback.” No House Democrat supported the legislation, however, and it died in the Senate.

Almost a year and a half later, on February 11, 2015, Kline’s Student Success Act passed the House Education Committee and is once again headed for the House floor for a vote.

Details on Student Success Act amendments and motions can be found here.

Three proposed amendments in particular caught my attention. The first is Number 20: “college and career ready standards for all students.”

Common Core.

It was defeated, 16 yeas to 21 nays.

So, no Common Core written into the Student Success Act.

Another amendment, Number 17, would have provided federal funding for assessments aligned to the content standards proposed in Number 20.  This amendment was offered and…

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