John White Refuses to Release La.’s Class of 2014 ACT Scores

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Post-Katrina New Orleans Recovery School District (RSD) will turn ten years old in November 2015. In November 2005, the Louisiana legislature signed into law Act 35, which gave the majority of Orleans Parish School Board (OPSB) schools over to the state.

The first full school year for RSD was 2006-07.

It is now 2014-15.

Proponents of RSD are running out of time regarding how long they can blame their tepid results on pre-Katrina OPSB.

RSD students who are seniors in 2014-15 and who repeated no grades began their time under state-run, Teach-for-America (TFA)-heavy, charter-increasing RSD as fourth graders.

Even 2014-15 RSD seniors whose families returned to New Orleans two years post-Katrina, in 2007, would have been under state-led RSD since fifth or sixth grade– for most of middle school and all of high school.

Let us now talk ACT.

In 2012-13, Louisiana began requiring all juniors to take the…

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