Yes, teachers are the primary target, the scapegoats, for all of the damage done by the political theft and corruption that is strangling people who work for a living. But the target area has widened and continues to widen.

Reclaim Reform

Active and retired teachers are being told about the local problems that are making it necessary to steal their wages* and raid their earned compensation (pensions**).

What we are being told are lies, distortions, untruths, spun data, etc. meant to shame teachers and distract every citizen who believes the propaganda.

Like all well-made lies, some basic original truths are used to spin the added misinformation and disinformation that become the lies.

The biggest lie of all is that this massive pillage and theft is local.
Here are a few glaring proofs on state levels.

The final example proves the national (probably multinational) level of this massive theft via paid and/or propagandized legislators.

The Chief Legal Counsel to the President of the Illinois Senate actually explained in writing the theft procedure to President John Cullerton. It was publicly printed on the official state site but has subsequently disappeared from that source…

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