Butterflies, Rainbows, and Paint

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Views from Alongside a Border

Early on an evening at the end of July, dozens of community members from the south side of Brownsville came together to begin to design a mural for the community clinic’s wall.
The clinic’s pediatrician laid out the evening’s task. “We want to create a mural that says “welcome” to everyone. What things should we think about painting?” she said.

The children, and their parents and grandparents, leaned forward in their chairs.

“A rainbow,” ventured one young girl, “I think that a rainbow would be nice.”

“Balloons!” chimed in her little brother.

“Mariposas, me gustan las mariposas (butterflies, I love butterflies),” responded a third child, referring to the butterflies that are such a part of the south Texas landscape.

The adults at the meeting shared their thoughts as well. One liked the idea of a mother reading to her children. A grandmother that was in the group insisted…

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