EdWeek Series Beyond Rhetoric: @TeachForAmerica You are my Obsession

I believe that many passionate and well-meaning individuals have been and are involved with TFA—I count many of them among my close friends. I have made the case to them in private and publicly that it is incumbent upon them to reform their reform away from a temporary classroom teacher model.

Cloaking Inequity

You can’t even escape @TeachForAmerica marketing at the airport. I was traveling back from the University of Michigan football game this past weekend, and the photo above is of the security bin that welcomed me at the Detroit airport courtesy of @Zappos. Mark @Zappos down as another company that I will need to personally boycott. (To understand my boycott, please see all of Cloaking Inequity’s posts on TFA here) It’s true that TFA is less than one percent of all teachers nationwide, but the billionaires and corporations have provide the organization an outsized influence over the affairs of education policy in the United States (See for example TFA’s purchase of education staffers on Capitol Hill in the post Do you think TFA is a special interest?: “Get up, Stand Up”)

I am currently writing for the EdWeek column K-12 Schools Beyond the Rhetoric with Jack Schneider. We are…

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